Frugal Party Planning 101

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Frugal Party Planning 101

If you can't tell by now, I love throwing parties,planning parties, making projects for parties,  yeah, I love all things party, but party planning is not easy and it can put a huge dent in your pocket. Over the years, I have learn some tried and true strategies for planning parties on a dime.
These are my top tips for planning a  low cost party.

1. Start planning early. This rule applies to an intimate dinner or a huge soiree. Start early to ensure everything flows smoothly. For me, the size of the party determines how early I will need to start planning. For example, when I hosted a girls night for about 12 ladies, I began planning about three weeks in advance. This doesn't mean I spent weeks scowling the internet or pinning for hours at a time. This simply means I keep my eyes open for simple ideas and party recipes.When I begin planning I ask myself or whom ever I'm planning with these simple questions: Where will party take place? What time of day will the party take place? How many guest do you expect? Is this causal or formal? Is there a color theme? What's your jump off? Once I've answered theses questions I can began my party planning.

2. What your jump off point? What is the theme or item your party is surrounded or based on. For example, once when I was planning a baby shower, I saw these cute yellow ducks while shopping in Bath and Body Works, the ducks became my jump off for the entire party. Because the shower was for a baby boy, my colors became blue and yellow.  Another way to find your jump off is to visit websites like Party City, or Birthday Express, start by looking at the plates,do you see anything you like? Your theme can be completely surrounded around the plates you choose for your party.  To save money buy your jump off item and find cheaper items to match it. If you find a patterned plate that you  just adore, there is no need to purchase 50 patterned plates, purchase 25 and shop around for plates that match your jump off. Do the same with napkins and cups. 

3. Plan your menu. Another reason I always start early is because I need to plan my menu. Once my menu is planned I watch the sales ads and use coupons to purchase food for my party. 

4.Plan your events. Are you planning any activities at your party? If you are, make a list of what activities your doing and what items you'll need for each activity. 

5. Use what you have. Once your party is over don't you dare throw away those unused paper plates, cups, napkins or silverware! Place the items in a Ziploc bag and put them away. The next time you have a party you may be able to use them to match your jump off.

6. Pinterest. I know you're on Pinterest, right? Use Pinterest to find frugal decorating ideas for your party and then "Pin It" to share with your friends.

7. Save your receipt. Lots of times when I am planning parties I buy items and then decide not to use them or I may purchase too many of an item. Return any unopened items to the store, save your receipt and make sure you know the store's return policy. When you buy items tape your receipt to the item, this way if you don't use the item the receipt is already attached and ready to be returned. 

These are just a few ways to keep more cash in your pocket.
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