Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Project Reclaim My Space #1

Kitchen Cabinets

This summer I have made a vow to reclaim space in my house. Well, Project Reclaim My Space is well underway and it has been a nightmare, and a dream. So I began organizing my kitchen cabinets and of course I did it the frugal way. Go Me!

So I began by doing research on my favorite site, Pinterest. I saw lots of ideas I liked and headed to my local Walmart. Well everything I liked was way too expensive there, besides I wanted to eventually organize my pantry too, and you know its got to match. So I remembered I had these great little boxes I received from a friend.

 They were really sturdy and fit perfectly in my kitchen cabinets. So this sparked the question. How do I make this box pretty? Ting, ( that's what it sounds like when I get an idea). Duck Tape!! I visited HB ( Hobby Lobby) with my 40% coupon in hand of course, and bought black Duck Tape. Then I headed to the scrapbook section to find matching paper to create my labels.  

I cut the top off my box and wrapped it in black Duck Tape.


Next I used my Cricut to cut out cute shapes for my box labels.

 I labeled each box with my newly created  labels. These boxes slide in and out of my cabinets easily and I can pull out the one box I need if I really  need to look for something. No more pulling out every item in the cabinet to find one thing! 

I already had these canister and I just added labels to them.

So here's the run down of my cost:
scrapbook paper $2.23
Duck tape $4.59.
Grand total: $6.82
Now That's Frugal!!

Always remember: Use what you have, it'll always save you money!

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