DIY Cupcake Tower

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I love to make cupcakes, its my newest hobby, but I needed a cute way to display them. I began looking through my craft closest to see what I could find, that's when I found cake circles. Well at least that what I called them ( making cakes was my newest hobby last month, needless to say that didn't work). I had several sizes so I decided I use them to make my cupcake tower.  
I used 3 different sizes of cake circles
a cake plate from Goodwill
2 candle holders from the Dollar Tree
Red paint+Primer Valspar Spray paint 
3 sheets of cardstock
Super 77

First, I spray painted my glass candle holders and my cake plate. 

Next, I sprayed my Super 77 on my cake circles and attached my card stock.

I did this for all 3 of my cake circles. I used an Xact-o knife to cut off the left over card stock.

Next I cut my leftover card stock into strips and hot glued them to the cake circles. 
You could also use ribbon to cover the edge your cake circles, (it would probably be easier,too).

I stacked each on top of the other, make sure it's center, hot glue them into place and tida! Cupcake Tower!!

Happy Crafting!

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