Free Cures for Summer Boredom

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Free Cures for Summer Boredom

1.Visit the Public Library. Local libraries usually have a summer reading programs for kiddos of all ages. My local library has story time, magic shows and even free summer camps for kids. 

2.Go to the movies. Check your local theaters to see if they offer free summer movies. there should be at least one in your city if not try a city close by. Search Cinemark and Dickinson to find free movies in your city. Don't have theses theaters in your town? Google it.

3.Go Bowling. Score two free games of bowling for your little ones.

4.Go roller skating. Sign up to skate for free at your local skating center

5. Visit the Farmer's Market. Most cities have Farmer's Market's on weekends and during the week. This would be a great outing for kiddos of all ages.  Let them pick out there favorite fruits and veggies and then get cooking.

6.Put on your traveling shoes. Take a ride to a nearby city, discover historic places or take a hike or a nature walk at your favorite park.

7. Get Wet! Splash pads have been popping up all over my city. The kids really love them and you can even get in on the action too, but best of all they are FREE!!  

8. Get Educated. Visit museums in your area most will a free day or a few free events during the summer. Find out when these events are held and get your smart on!

9. Get Creative. Find projects to do at home, like make homemade ice cream or build a play house out of cardboard. You can make slime or even have a bug hunt ( You can tell I have boys). 

10. Go to Lowe's or Home Depot. On weekends Lowe's and Home Depot host  free kids builds. Each week there is a different item you and child can build together at the store. My boys LOVE this.

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