Hands and Feet Flower Pots

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hands and Feet Flower Pots

This project came along after one of my other crafts failed, big time. I needed to come up with an easy project for my kids to give their grandmother for Mother's Day. So this is what we came up with.

What you need:
Terra Cotta flowerpot
Black spray-paint
Various colors acrylic paint
paper plates
foam brushes
matching ribbon

The first thing I did was spray paint my pots and let them dry overnight.

The next day, I put paint on my plates, Brush the paint on your child's hand or foot liberally. ( We tried putting our hands in the paint... um, that was a mess.) When you brush on the paint avoid putting large amount of paint on the creases.  

Firmly place your child's hand or feet on the side of your pot.
rotate paint colors and repeat.

Let your pots dry, drop in your plant, tie on a pretty ribbon, and DONE!


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