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Christmas Crafts:Tulle Wreath

Monday, December 16, 2013

 Tulle Wreath 

What you need:
Tulle- in colors you choose
a wreath or a green craft circle
items to embellish your wreath

 Here's what I used.

Wrap your tulle around  until the original color of your wreath is camouflaged. 

Secure your tulle to your wreath. You can do this with a hot glue gun. 

I used this type of pin to secure my tulle. Does anyone know what this is called??

I didn't use any official measurements. I  measured my tulle by cutting several pieces of tulle and tying each piece around my wreath until I found a size I liked.Then I cut each color of tulle into pieces of my desired size.

Tie your tulle tightly around your wreath. 

 I choose a pattern of black, red, black, white, black, red....

Fluff it out, and cut it until all sides are even.


Add your extras and tada!!

                      Happy Crafting,

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DIY Christmas Crafts: Bling Ornament

Saturday, December 14, 2013

DIY Bling Ornament

"It is the most wonderful time of year" (in my best singing voice). This is the time of year were my crafting bug gets really excited. I am bringing you my favorite Christmas crafts for 7 days!!

What you need:
Mod Podge
Hot glue gun and sticks
foam brush (not pictured)
Paper circles (2 sets)
paper or sticker letters
Acrylic Bling Stones (purchased at Hobby Lobby)

I used my Cricut to cut out the shapes and letters. You could also easily cut them by hand or buy them at any craft store.

I used mod podge on the back of my letters to attach them to my black circles.

Be sure to center it.  Mod podge dries clear, crisis diverted. Tehehe!!

Cover each circle with mod podge. 

I had help from some little hands.

After my circle were dry I realized I needed to cut out more circles because these were no longer flat. 

So I cut out more circles.

I hot glued my new set of circles the on the back of my mod podged circles.

Here's a pic of the back and front of  two my finished circles. The second set of circles came out a little smaller than the first set (pure coincidence that totally worked out).

I hot glued my acrylic stones to the outside edge of my circle so that they hung over a bit. Now allow your hot glue to dry and that's it, all done!!


Happy Crafting,

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Walgreen's Sneak Peek Ad 12/8-12/14

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Here are a few great deals at Walgreen's this week. This sale starts 12/8-12/14. View the Sneak Peek ad here.

Hersey's candy-.59
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix- .99
Nice seasoning-. 79
Hunt tomato sauce- 4 for $1 w/ store Q
Novelty Holiday candy -.99 ( great for stocking stuffers!)
Candy Canes-. 99
Gain Detergent- 4.99
Mailing Supplies-.39
Scott's tape dispensers-1.99
4 GB memory card or USB Drive -5.99
Hype Stereo Speaker-$15(great gift)
Disney bean Bag plush- 4.99
Holiday boxes,bows and wrapping paper- 50%off 
Women's scarves-  2 for $10
Johnson and Johnson and Aveno Baby Care-BOGO 50% off
Nice water 24 pk -$2.78
Scott's paper towels -$3.99

                      Happy Shopping,

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