Christmas Crafts:Tulle Wreath

Monday, December 16, 2013

 Tulle Wreath 

What you need:
Tulle- in colors you choose
a wreath or a green craft circle
items to embellish your wreath

 Here's what I used.

Wrap your tulle around  until the original color of your wreath is camouflaged. 

Secure your tulle to your wreath. You can do this with a hot glue gun. 

I used this type of pin to secure my tulle. Does anyone know what this is called??

I didn't use any official measurements. I  measured my tulle by cutting several pieces of tulle and tying each piece around my wreath until I found a size I liked.Then I cut each color of tulle into pieces of my desired size.

Tie your tulle tightly around your wreath. 

 I choose a pattern of black, red, black, white, black, red....

Fluff it out, and cut it until all sides are even.


Add your extras and tada!!

                      Happy Crafting,

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