Meal Planning 101

Monday, January 6, 2014

As I step into the new year, I am so excited to share some of my favorite money and time saving tips and tricks that have become ways of life at our house. So here is the first tip in my Mo' Money, Mo' Time in 2014 series.

So what is meal planning? Simply put it just planning the meals you will eat each week and shopping according to those meals.
When our first son was born I got so sick of running to Walmart everyday for this or for that, so I decided to start meal planning. I used to be that crazy chick who would plan a meal for a whole month, my how things have changed. Planning once a month worked so perfectly when I had one child  and lots of time to plan, but now that we have two little guys, our house is  a lot messier, laundry piles  are a lot bigger  and extra time is almost non- existence. So mommy decided to keep her sanity and plan once a week and with lots of help this time.

Why do all the work if you don't have to
One of my favorite sites to use is, cause I really used to hate cooking. This site has planned meals each week.  Just use the recipes you like and fill in your own family favorites for the rest of the week. matches stores ads to recipes to help you create shopping list matched with what's on sale at your local store or try Ziplist for free. There are tons of sites that will create a meal plan for you but I find it easier to create my own from meals that I know my family will like. Get out there Get your Google and your pin on!!

So how does this save me time? You will spend less time in the supermarkets and more time with your family. You can shop once a week instead of everyday. One other major pro, you always know what's for dinner!  

How will this save me money? Well that's where shopping the ads, price matching and using coupons come into play.

Here's What We're Eating this week. 

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