5 ways to Save at the Supermarket

Monday, June 9, 2014

1. Price matching- This is the easiest way to save. A few stores actually match the prices of their competitors, but you may need a printed ad to show the cashier.  Wal-Mart and Target are  two major stores that price match. Most Walmart stores don't require you to have the ad. The rules vary from store to store so ask at your local location. 

2. Shopping the sales ad- My favorite tactic, shop the sales! When the weekly sales ad come out I skim them and find the best deals, then I only buy what's on sale. This is a quick way to build up your pantry.

3. Clip coupons- You don't have to clip every coupon you see, just the ones for products you use regularly. I don't clip coupons for products that I don't use. Look for stores that double coupons, by doubling coupons I get free items each week. Homeland stores will double one like coupon up to $1.00. This means your $1 coupon is actual a $2 coupon.

4. Stock up- When items that you use on a regular basis hit their rock bottom price (lowest price) , stock up! items will usually hit there rock bottom price every 6 to 8 weeks. This means this product will not be at this price again for 6 to 8 weeks. Here's a scenario- Last week, 8 pk Juicy Juice boxes were on sale for .99 cents, no coupon just on sale. So last week I stocked up on Juicy Juice  for the whole summer. It won't be on sale at that price for another 8 weeks. You only need to buy enough to get you through the next eight weeks. 

5. Combine all 4 tips- to get the best deals combine all these tips. if you see an item at its rock bottom price, take your sales ad to your local  Wal-Mart  or Target and price match your item, then use a coupon and stock up!

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Happy Saving!! 

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