David's Cowboy Party

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This year David wanted a cowboy party so as always, mommy and lots of family and friends, came through to make it happen.

 Our cupcake tower was made from cardboard boxes and scrapbook paper. We used clear plastic cups to stack each layer of the tower.

 Yes, I made theses! This was my first attempt with marshmallow fondant.

 I made the number 5 flags and purchased the other toppers at Hobby Lobby.

Our treat bags were brown paper bags decorated with sheriff badges, fake money and with the word "Loot" written on them. We filled each bag with candy and chocolate gold coins.    

I was unable to find cow print paper so I had to make my own. I found an image online. I printed it and cut it out into triangle shapes, used my hole punch to punch 1 hole in each corner, then I placed each one on a withe ribbon... Tada, easy banner! 

   Our little guy had a great party!!

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