10 Easy Valentine's for Kids

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hey Guys,

It's that lovely time of year again, Valentine's Day, one of my favorite holidays. Getting ready for my son's valentine's party is my favorite part! Are you busy creating custom handmade classroom Valentine's for 25 tiny tots? Yeah, me neither, we are all too busy for that! Sometimes I feel the pressure to be THAT parent though, you know who I mean, the one who always sends the cutest crafts, and brings the best snacks in the little decorated snack bags.. Well I'm THAT parent...sometimes. But you can be THAT parent too,but without ALL the work. 

See guys, I am only THAT parent because someone else has made it soo easy for me. I'm pretty crafty but I'm also a bit of a procrastinator. So here are 10 easy Valentine's crafts for kids, complete with templates, yeah templates! Have the kids help and rock them out ASAP so you'll be ready for V-Day! 

Happy Crafting!!

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