D.I.Y. Cupcake Box

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I am always making cupcakes as gifts or for birthdays but finding something to put them in can be a problem. I began searching my pantry for something that I could use to carry my cupcakes. Then it happen, a cereal box literal fell on top of me. It was almost empty so I decided to use it.

What you need:
cereal box
2 pieces scrapbook paper
duct tape

This is a DIY on the FLY project. I used common materials that most of us already have at home. Find more DIY on the FLY projects here.
Total time to complete: 17 minutes!

 Cut a  square out of the top of your box  leaving a bit on each side.

 Wrap the outside in duct tape for extra support

  Measure  your scrapbook paper from the top of your overlap to the bottom edge of your box, then cut the paper into strips.

 Tape the scrapbook paper to the edge of your overlap, crease the sides and tape the  other end of the scrapbook paper to the bottom of your box.

Cut the scrapbook paper along the creases, fold down the middle section. 

Cut the flaps down shorter and tape.Repeat these steps for 3 remaining sides.
 When you get to the final side, cut the flaps off flush with the sides and tape.

 You can add some color by cutting a piece of scrapbook paper for the inside of the box.


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