The 5 Best Meal Planning Tips

Thursday, January 8, 2015

1. Shop your Stockpile
The goal to keeping cost down is to use what you already have. Look in your pantry, what recipes can you make with ingredients you already have.

2. Prep is Key
After checking your stock pile, prep your meals. Are you making spaghetti? Cook your ground beef a few days before and freeze it. Then on spaghetti day all you'll have to do is boil the pasta and add the sauce. This cuts your cooking time in half and frees you up to the stuff you really wanna do. 

3. Keep it Simple
During the week keep the meals simple.  Use recipes that are quick and easy. Make a menu, so you know what you're going to make each day. This way, there is no deciding, no rushing to the store for missing ingredients, I really hate that! If you keep it simple each week, you are less likely to eat out, saving you lots of cash!!

4. Shop the Sales
Check your local grocery ads for low prices on items you use regularly. When your favorite items go on sale, stock up! This keeps all your essentials in your pantry and keeps you out of that long supermarket line!

5. Double Up
When you're in prep mode, go ahead and double up your recipes. Freeze your items so you'll have a few meals to fall back on. Use these extras on weeks you don't have time to prep or simply just don't want to cook! 

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Do you have some great tips? Tell us about them!    

By Simon Howden, published on 19 September 2009
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