5 Snow Day Activities

Thursday, March 5, 2015

My little darlings were out of school yesterday and now were on day two. You know you can only watch so many movies, so here are a few ways to keep them busy.

Snow Ball shooters- we tried this yesterday, it was really fun. All you need is a balloon , Styrofoam or plastic disposable cups and cotton balls.

Make Play dough- My kids love play dough, this guarantees you at least one hour of freedom! There are tons of recipes out there but I think this one is best. Feel free to skip the cream of tarter, I always do, it still turns out great.

Build a fort- Build a monster fort!  

Make Snow Ice Cream-
This is tasty and easy to make, but who knows what's in snow these days. I have had it real real snow... we survived.   If you are still not sure use a snow cone machine or a your blender.

TP bowling-
We used 3 empty Pringles cans and a roll of toilet paper. You could use empty cans,or bottles. We all loved it.


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