DIY Glitter Letters

Thursday, April 9, 2015

For weeks I've been inspired by all of these fancy EAT signs, so I decided to make my own. You guys know my favorite medium is spray paint but I wanted something a little fancier than that this time. I wanted my letter to have a cute, fancy pattern on them and why not add a little sparkle.

This was one of the most simple and quickest projects I've done in quite a while. I bought these really cheapo thick cardboard letters at Hobby Lobby when that we're on sale, of course. At the same time I noticed the scrapbook paper was also on sale. So I searched for the perfect paper and finally found something that would match my kitchen perfectly.

First, I painted the edges of the cardboard letters black.

Then, I placed my cardboard letter on my scrapbook paper and traced around each one with a sharpie.
Next, I cut out each of the letters scrapbook paper letters and hot glued them to their matching cardboard letters.


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