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Saying Goodbye... Hello Summer Break !

Monday, May 11, 2015

As most of you know I am a teacher. I work with a lot of really great people so I wanted to say goodbye (for the summer) to my peps. Here are two mini projects me and my buddy Crystal put together.

 This was for our great friend Mark, who was sadly, moving to another grade. Mark is the world's biggest comic book fan.

These were 8 oz Mt. Dew bottles that came in different colors and flavors. We used black card stock and printable cupcake toppers to create the labels. Get the toppers here. This took forever because Mark kept coming in the room and we had to, rudely, keep kicking him out :)  We're really gonna miss that guy!

I snagged these teas for one of our custodians, who loves this stuff. I bought 4 teas, I used a large rubber band to secure them together. 

Next, I tied a cute ribbon around the whole thing, being sure to cover the rubber band. Crystal came up with the idea, to put the plates underneath them. and we topped them off with a cute tag.  
As I say goodbye to my dear friends,
I say hello summer, I'm so glad you're here!!

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