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Happy Really Late New Year!!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy New Year!!
okay, I know I'm a little late..But I wanted to bring you the best of me in the new year.
As I brainstormed on what to write about.. I kept drawing a blank... losing weight, done that, saving money, done that. Every resolution has been filled with empty promises that were soon forgotten about come February. So this year my focus.... Be a better me. My goal is to take one step everyday that makes my life better, happier, easier and more fulfilling. I'll be working on several things that cause me to be a better me.

Looking for inspiration.... TED talks, I have been totally immersed in them for the last few months. There are talks about every thing you can imagine. Here and here are two of my most recent favorites and these are super funny....

These are what has encouraged me to spend this year being the best me. These talks have encouraged me to live my dreams and believe the sky is the only limit.

God did not create us to be average he created us in his image.... so average is not an option.   

What will you be working on this year??

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