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Did You Say Free??

Lots of website claim to offer free stuff but few of them actually do. Here is my list of the best sites for totally free stuff.

VocalPoint.comThis sites asks its members to try new products for companies and then give a review online. They offer great high dollar manufactures coupons. These are coupons you will not find any where else.  vocalpoint will shoot you an email when they have free samples.  When you receive these emails all you will need to do is confirm your mailing address and wait on the goods to arrive. They send out great samples which usually comes with more great coupons attached.  A review is not required to participate. This is my all time favorite! Companies reward you for hosting parties for their new products. All you need to do is take pictures and post them on their sites, tell your friends on Facebook, twitter, ect!! There is no fee, no shipping, no sending items back, no nothing. You will need to sign up and select a party you would like to host. You will have to do a pretty extensive survey but it is definitely worth it. You can receive rare high dollar coupons, gift cards to purchase items for your party and of course free stuff. I have hosted several of these parties and they are awesome. I hosted a party for a popular kids toy company and received well over $200 in new toys (which I gave away at the end of the party), coloring books for the kids, and  great coupons for the parents. So sign up today, and invite me to your party!!! You can earn points just for walking into stores, like Walmart, Target and Best Buy . You can earn even more points by going into those stores and scanning different products. You can use your kicks(points) to redeem gift cards for your favorite stores and high end luxury items like, Coach purses (75,000 kicks), Kitchen Aid stand up mixers (125,000 kicks) Target gift card (450 kicks). This app is for everyone. If you shop you need this app. Members of this site earn money by taking online surveys and trying new products. Yeah I know,you've heard that before,well this one actually works. I have friends who swear by this site. I have one friend who racks up points all year long. She uses her gift cards to buy Christmas gifts and to give as gifts for her friends and family. ..Saving tons at Christmas, yeap.. that's gonna be me! (app)- I discussed Viggle in an earlier post. I'm sure you've racked up at least a few points by now...You can cash in your  Viggle points with as little as 5,000 points. In the deals section you can find great deal like $100 off airfare from Southwest, sweet deals on car rental, amusement park tickets and much more. download this app today!!

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