Super Trey's Superhero Party

My little guy recently turned 4,for months we went back and forth about the type of party he'd have. One moment it was monsters the next it was pirates and so on and so on. Finally we/he decided on a super hero party. That's when the research aka, "pinning"  began. I had a slight dilemma, I couldn't figure out if I wanted to go commercial( as in superman, spider-man, ect.) or if I wanted to go custom. So I decided that I would kinda do both.

We decided to make it all about the world's best super hero, Super Trey!!
(It started as Super David but Trey had a much better ring to it.)

We purchased these plates at Hobby Lobby using the 40% off coupon. I went in every day until I had enough. :)

Trey's birthday is in March so we loaded up on this candy the day after Valentine's Day. Can we say CLEARANCE!!

I designed the cupcakes picks using a scrapbook maker program, printed them on stock paper and added a toothpick.


I printed my pow and zap signs here. I used my cricket to cut the shapes for his "T" symbol. We carried the "T" theme throughout the party. 

We had our local bakery make these cookies for us and they turned out horrible. Then we had them do them again and they turned out like this. My mom spoke to the manager ( Yeah, she's that chick) and he agreed that they were not exactly what we asked for, so he gave them to us free. Everyone in the bakery was really nice and of course we were super courteous. They were not cute but they were tasty! "Don't burn your bridges, you may need them one day".

We had cute activities and games for the kids to play. We had Super Trey coloring sheets.You can make your own here. We also had pin the mask on Super Trey. We used our local office supply store to blow up and print a picture of Trey and have it laminated, for around $20.  I found the printable mask here. You will need to cut out the holes for the eyes. We used double stick tape and now we have our own custom game. We plan to frame Trey's and hang it on the wall in his room.

And I can't forget the photo booth!

  Our photo booth was created using an old photo backdrop that I cut up and taped to the back of leftover Christmas paper. I cut the clouds out of  blue card-stock. The signs were made using a scrapbook program and kebob sticks (leftover from another party).

  My husband even played super villain!  

 Super Trey had a great 4th birthday!


Coming soon............

Argh, Matey !

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